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Once you get recommended by one of our network members will invite you to create a profile and register. Once registered the platform will match you to top companies. Get on top of the pile and matched to the best tech jobs in a few taps!

Find a remote or freelance tech job on is not a recruitment agency. Match directly with hiring managers

What makes different? is an invite-only job matching platform powered by Artificial intelligence. Instead of relying on application forms, on talent is pre-vetted and matched to hiring managers directly. Simply register and get matched!

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Our platform uses AI to create a profile, no endless form filling and applications. Get registered in 5 minutes!

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Get connected directly with hiring managers. Showcase your skills and capabilities in front of the people that matter

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Get matched to relevant jobs according to your criteria, skills and experience. Focus on getting hired!

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We only work with top talents globally, get noticed when you get accepted to create a profile on!

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Registering on the platform is free for talents, applying to jobs and connecting with hiring managers is also free.

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Keep your data safe. The platform complies with data security standards and privacy regulations around the world

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Get invited. Create a profile, upload your CV and tell us about your preferences; your identity is hidden and anonymized from employers on the platform

Our awesome features
Once approved, our AI engine will promote your profile to employers

Your profile will be matched to relevant jobs using your experience, skills and preferences for rates, location and type of work

Our awesome features
Get Interview requests direct from hiring managers

We connect you directly with hiring managers, simply accept interview requests and get that dream job!

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The simpler way to find a job provides a completely re-imagined job search experience. Instead of applying to hundreds of jobs, get referred, match to jobs and focus on connecting to hiring managers instead of filling endless application forms.

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